The Little Mews Home

The little Mews home in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC), previously renovated by creativemass, is moving into its next phase of transformation.

Little Mews Home Winter

The house has since changed hands to a new owner who returned to creativemass for more. The project adds more floor space in the form of a basement and refits four of the existing rooms. The new subterranean development provides a new guest bedroom and bathroom that are intimately linked via the circulation space. A bronze adorned staircase connects the levels and repeats as a material motif throughout the home.

Little Mews Home Summer

In plan, the basement will exist under the constraints of the existing footprint resulting in some charming solutions. Taking from the blend of past and modern forms, with the material palette previously used (plus the bronze additions), the new space will be beautifully minimal with magical moments of natural light.

The Little Mews Home is scheduled undergo construction in February 2019.