Working on a range of projects from constrained sites in Chelsea, Kensington and Belgravia, to more expansive properties in Barnes, Fulham and Berkshire, we relish each challenge, whatever the scale... read more


We love light. A house filled with daylight is uplifting and inviting and can have a transformative impact on health and well-being. We set out to find effective solutions to bring natural light into a home... read more


We believe it’s worth the tremendous effort it takes to make things look effortless. Weaving details and carefully selected materials into each design creates a harmonious and special place full of character... read more


Creating a connection to the outside and nature, and bringing the outside in, is something we strive for even in an urban environment. The magic of opening a door and seeing daylight, sky, or views to a garden can transform a space... read more

Sliding Deck

This ingenious sliding deck was designed to, when “open”, allow light down into a new basement, and, when “closed”, allow the house owners to relax in the very last spot of the sun in the evening... read more